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Hamilton Golf and Country Club Ltd.

Club Policies 2020



The purpose of the Club is to own and operate a private Country Club for recreation, pleasure, and benefit of its Members. These rules have been established by the Board as a supplement to the Articles and By-Laws. They are intended to assist in the effectiveness and harmonious operation of the Club and for the benefit of all Members without unduly burdening any one Member.

Mission Statement

To provide a private club experience for members, families and guests that values tradition, sportsmanship and camaraderie through the enjoyment of the game of golf.

Vision Statement

Hamilton Golf & Country Club aims to be globally recognized as a premier private golf club, providing exceptional facilities, programs and services to all members, their families and guests.

Beliefs and Values

Our Club is a special place where membership is a privilege extended to ladies and gentlemen who have pride in our Club and show respect for it and each other.

The fostering of friendships, social activity and friendly competition is an integral part of the Club membership.

Our golf courses are our primary tangible asset and are to be systematically maintained and improved to contemporary standards consistent with their original designs.

Timely access to the first tee without pre-booking and the ability to play an acceptably paced round of golf will both be preserved.

The traditional ambiance of our clubhouse will be maintained, upgraded where necessary to reflect changing member needs. Consistent, courteous service will be provided by well trained staff in all areas of operation.


Table Of Contents

100 Membership

200 Golf Operations

300 Executive

400 House/Administration

600 Human Resources

700 Course and Grounds


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